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2016 Projects

  • Expanding selected education programs into other village communities by partnering with local NGOs
  • Develop and introduce an effective student breakfast program into Svaychey Primary School
  • Expand English learning program through further curriculum development
  • Grow the computer access and facilities within Svaychey Village School (Donations of Computers and software would be greatly appreciated)
  • Continue development of school infrastructure and build further resources
  • Increase Khmer/English teacher employment program
  • Continue to develop Volunteer Teacher program in collaboration with Melbourne based organisation Volunteer Abroad (If you would like to join our volunteer program and have skills in teaching English, Music or Health Promotion please contact the Step2Foundation or Volunteer Abroad directly)
  • Expand literacy program with addition of further English Language books for the Library
  • Introduce health promotion programs

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Projects completed: 2015

New Developments in School Infrastructure.

In March 2014 we received formal approval from the community to build an independent English classroom and foundations for a further 3 classrooms which were completed in August 2014.

Our Operations director in Siem Reap -Soviet Ty, approached us in September 2014 with an opportunity to partner with Room to Read, a US based charity with an NGO status in Cambodia, to build a Library and complete the further 3 classrooms. The project was fully completed in September 2015. This has enabled the school to grow from two to seven fully equipped classrooms. Also two full time English teachers and one volunteer teacher from Australia were employed by step2. In addition, two Khmer teachers and three local trainee teachers were funded by the Cambodian Education Department . In total eight new teaching staff were employed as a result of the development.

Students Enjoying the Library Facilities

The students are delighted with the new library completed in partnership with Room to Read. A government appointed Librarian is dedicated to the development of the Library and the Literacy Program for the children. Our aim is to further stock the library with English language books. St Michael's of Thirroul in NSW kindly donated a 160 books from their Library along with a number of Recorders and Music books for the children to explore their creativity.

New Computers Operational

4 new computers have been purchased and are now fully operational in the English classroom.

Good computer skills early in childhood can help connect students to the broader global learning environment. Technology will drive the change in most developing communities and give opportunities for future employment and skill development. As technology develops and communication links become more efficient and available, each one of us can have a direct impact on the lives of others in a positive way.

Volunteer Accommodation Completed

The volunteer accommodation was completed in December in SVaychey just in time for our first volunteer teacher to arrive. The facility is supported by the local community and also provides a small income for a financially disadvantaged family.

Volunteer Teacher Program Underway.

With the support of Volunteer Abroad, our first teacher arrived at SVaychey Village on the 22nd December and settled in to the village accommodation quickly. He has made an enormous contribution to our school and has reported great progress with an improvement in the conversational skills of both the children and the local teachers. He is working with our Cambodian Teachers to build a learning program focused on success.

Projects completed: 2012-2014

Renovations to existing school building.

The primary school has been fully renovated. As part of the renovation the school was connected to electricity. This enabled computers to be used in the classroom to facilitate learning.

English classes underway.

One of the class rooms in the school is dedicated to teaching English to students.

A local teacher was appointed to teach English.

English teaching curriculum and software were sourced and are now in place.

Building extra class rooms.

As the school started to grow and develop it was agreed a separate class room should be built dedicated permanently to teaching English. In the last 6 months this objective was achieved. The foundations for three classrooms were completed in August 2014, with one classroom fully completed to house the English school.

"Power of compassion, the commitment to an idea, and the profound love of all people can change lives." Zeynep Roberts

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