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Food program assisting 130 families

There is no social safety net in Cambodia and for most, it means poverty and hunger. Step 2 Foundation is supporting families in Svaychey and Lolie with Food aid.

Without all the nutrients we need, our energy levels diminish, mental activity dips and we become vulnerable to illness and infection. When this happens children can not attend school and learn.
In Cambodia, malnutrition is of real concern! Stunting and wasting respectively affects 32% of children. Moreover, 55% children are anaemic (lacking in dietary sources of iron). The prevalence of inadequate zinc and other mineral intake range between 15% to 25% of children.

Since August, we have given over 3,000 kilos of tuna, rice and noodles, assisting families in Svaychey and Lolie villages

As rice by itself does not have a complete profile of amino acids to make up a source of protein, there needs to be an additional food to be consumed with rice to complete the amino acid profile to make protein. One nutrient that is crucial to keeping the body strong is protein.

To address this problem, we are providing a mixture of rice and tuna, prioritising children under 12 years of age. This should assist the most vulnerable segments of the community affected by nutrient deficiencies.

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