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Working to Break the Poverty Cycle – 2017 Achievements

Working to break the poverty cycle

When Zeynep first visited Svaychey Village five years ago, she was dismayed at the state of their school. The poverty that comes with lack of education was evident wherever she turned. Zeynep’s firm belief that all children deserve an education led to the founding of Step2Foundation.

With the support of a committed group of volunteers and donors like you, the poverty cycle is being broken for those that need it most.

In 2017 Step2Foundation gained registration as an Australian charity, supported four determined young women to continue their study at the Australian Centre for Education in Siem Reap, and ran a major fundraising raffle that was born at our inaugural fundraising dinner in September.

Here’s what we achieved in 2017

  • Expanded English learning program through further curriculum development using ACE (Australian Centre for Education) and volunteer Australian teachers
  • Grew the computer access and facilities within Svaychey Village English School
  • Continued to develop school infrastructure and build further resources in village communities
  • Increased Khmer/English teacher employment programs through mentoring local students and teachers linking with ACE
  • Expanded literacy program with addition of further English Language books for the Library
  • Consolidate the Clean water project in Svaychey Village with an additional water tower
  • Continued to provide food aid and establish volunteer teacher program to Lolei village community in Siem Reap
  • Built a water tower for Lolei Village to secure 800L per hour of fresh water for the community
  • Continued to develop Volunteer Teacher program in collaboration with Melbourne based organisation Volunteer Abroad

Keen to help?

If you’d like to help make a difference to the lives of students in Cambodia consider supporting the Step2Foundation by donating or volunteering.

  • Join our team! Do you have skills in teaching English, Music or Health Promotion? Contact the Step2Foundation or Volunteer Abroad directly to find out more.
  • Donate to a grass roots organisation to ensure you impact those that need it most through life changing projects.



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December Newsletter

Svaychey Clean Water Project Update

Fantastic News – your support raised just over $2300 towards our Water Project. We are on track to commence mid-January 2017 and in good timeto collect vital water supplies during the wet season for the school and community. A big thank you from the families of Svaychey!

Step2Foundation Camobdian Education Charity

Art Draw Winners

1st Prize – Kara (Bulli, NSW)

2nd Prize – Doris (Ingleburn NSW)

The draw took place on Tuesday 29th November 2016 with Marie Miller & Nora Timpano of Little and Loud Preschool, Woonona. The children of Little and Loud held a gold coin dress up day and sold tickets to family and friends. What a huge effort from the kids raising more than $500.
We are so pleased to continue working with Marie on our new Student Teacher Mentor Program commencing in January 2017.
Please talk to us if you believe you have skills you would be prepared to share to help the community of Svaychey Village.

Mentoring Talented Students

As part of Svaychey English School’s mentoring and development program we have selected eight outstanding
students from disadvantaged families to be accelerated and mentored to achieve high results in national exams.
The aim is to support these students as they progress from primary school to secondary and tertiary education.
Students were selected based on criteria such as exam results, spoken English ability, attendance, eagerness to
achieve, attitude and family support. These students believe the program will help them improve their educational opportunities and theircircumstances in establishing a future career.
Sponsor children in Cambodia
For the cost of a lunch out each week, you could assist with:
  • Tuition
  • Books / school supplies
  • Uniform
  • Advanced English Coaching

Be a part of the change and sponsor a child’s education today.

You can follow the progress of your sponsored student with updates of exam results and personal progress as
they complete each school year. The satisfaction of seeing these students progress into tertiary education is enormous.

Students Benefit from Learning English

Congratulations to our four students who have found employment. This is a wonderful outcome and we have nothing but praise for their diligence and dedication to their studies, particularly in English language. These boys are now on their way to reaching their goals of finding professional jobs that will help them to support their families.
CHHY CHHAT found work as a bell boy
VIBOL SAN found work as a receptionist
NIKA HON found work as a waiter
SAREN KHON found work at Coca Cola
Cambodian education sponsorship

Volunteer Teacher Program

So excited.…. we have Liam Horniblow returning to Svaychey for five weeks, Liam spent 10 weeks in the Village this time last year so we are thrilled to have him back. So are the kids no doubt, they really enjoyed his visit last year.
We also have a new Volunteer arriving at the school in January 2017, Yvonne Bradford. Yvonne has extensive experience in Education and particularly in ESL (English as a Second Language). During her stay Yvonne will be working with our Cambodian teachers using her experience in the area of ESL to develop a tailored curriculum targeted to the school environment in Cambodiaand focused on success.
Looking forward to updating you on both Liam and Yvonne’s stay in Svaychey in our next newsletter.

Experience Cambodia and Be a Part of the Change

Volunteer teacher in Cambodia
We are almost ready to launch our next major raffle which is all around travel, and what better place to go than Cambodia. The draw will run until our inaugural Fund Raising evening in September 2017 which you will all be
invited to.
First Prize includes airfare, accommodation, and a guided tour of some of Siem Reaps most sort out sites and
of course a visit to Svaychey English School. 2nd and 3rd prizes will be vouchers for destinations of your choice.
This will be our largest fundraiser to date, with the target being an extension on Svaychey School to host our
volunteer teachers and extend our Volunteer Program. We will also be funding the expansion of the Clean Water Project with Stage 2 being to build a tiled wash room for the children.
The community will be assisting with labour so we are looking to secure some volunteer experienced builders to lead the building project for 3 weeks last quarter of 2017.


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Our First Volunteer – Liam Horniblow

Volunteer teacher in Cambodia

My experience teaching in Siem Reap, Cambodia at Svaychey Village

In December 2015, just prior to Christmas, I was provided with the wonderful opportunity to head to Svaychey Village which is approximately 20km east of Siem Reap Cambodia to teach English to 160 students from age 5 to 18.

I was both very excited and also nervous. This was the first time I had ever been in another country for a period longer than a couple of weeks. At first it was very overwhelming, to witness a village where the way of living was very different to what I was used to in Australia. It took me a week to settle in to living in the village but after a week this different lifestyle became much easier.


Settling in to Village Life

Home stay at the village gave me a wonderful insight into how the locals live and allowed me to create some wonderful friendships with the adults and children of the village. I have to say that living in the actual village was tremendously helpful as it allowed me to feel a part of the community and it assisted greatly in my teaching and understanding of the students. The locals in the village were extremely friendly which also made it very easy for me to settle in. Also, I cannot speak more highly of the family that have been providing me with wonderful support by way of daily meals and general advice and friendship when I’ve needed it.

The Village is like my second home, even though there have been times when the cultural and language barrier has been challenging, I have been able to adapt to this wonderful way of life as it builds character and confidence for me personally.


The school at the village is also amazing and this is a credit to the fine work that has been done by Zeynep and the Step2Foundation.

My first day teaching at the school was extremely enjoyable and has remained like that since I started. The students are simply amazing and continue to surprise me with their understanding and speed of learning. They really value the importance of learning English and always try very hard to improve every day. The English teacher Sok has been a fantastic support to me and also to the students.

The Rewards of Volunteer Teaching

Since I arrived 2 months ago I have seen a significant improvement in all of the students and the teacher Sok. He is extremely important to the school and without him the kids would be unable to learn English. Sok has shown a major interest in improving his English for the benefit of the children and I believe we have worked really well together. I am so grateful for all his help and feel confident that he has also gained a better understanding of English from my own teaching. The school has students ranging from kindergarten to year 12 and operates from 8:00am to 7:00pm at night.

For me personally, this has been a life changing event that has provided me with an appreciation for the many cultural differences that exist between Cambodia and Australia. Not only have I taught them but they have also taught me a lot about teaching and many other life lessons I will take with me forever.

I strongly recommended this experience to anyone that wants to be a part of an extremely unique cultural experience and to teach English to students that would be extremely grateful and kind in return.

I can be contacted via email: should you have any questions on this amazing life experience.

Interested in volunteering with the Step2Foundation?

Contact the Step2Foundation or Volunteer Abroad directly to find out more.

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