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Safe drinking water is a fundamental human right

Fresh, accessible drinking water is only a dream for 60% of rural communities in Cambodia. The lack of clean water forces children to trek long distances each day looking for water. Even when they find a water source, pollution is common. 

When we began working with the community of Svaychey in 2012, it became clear that finding clean water is a critical barrier to education. All over Cambodia, children are forced to choose their survival over getting an education.

Even where water is present, the risks are high. Waterborne disease is the second largest cause of mortality for children under five. This is an unacceptable risk that can be almost eradicated with modern technology.

Step2Foundation was determined to put in place a long term solution.

One of our earliest projects in Svaychey village was building a toilet at the local primary school. Basic sanitation can reduce the risk of bacteria in the water source but we needed to go further. A central source of clean, fresh water is essential.

After intensive research and collaboration with the Svaychey community, fundraising began for Project Clean Water.

A water tower in the grounds of Svaychey primary school was followed by four other systems in the surrounding villages of Lolie, Lovear and Wat Roka, plus a second system in Svaychey village.

These innovative yet simple water towers each produce over 8000 litres of water per day.

That’s thousands of litres per day of invaluable, crystal clear drinking water.

We now have five self-sufficient water filtration systems in place. Changing the filters is a simple job, one that is respected within the community.

Most importantly, hundreds of children who were previously denied an education now attend school. 

Water and education are fundamental human rights. Step2Foundation will continue to focus on making these accessible for the people of Cambodia.

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